just one month

would it be too  much to ask?

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for the nth time…

goodbye. i’m finally, seriously getting tired. happy now?

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Sometimes, an addiction can be overcome when you fill yourself up to the brim and feel sick about it.

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How to view line numbers, automatically convert tabs to spaces, and view print margin in Eclipse

(Based on Eclipse Indigo)

1. Windows > Preferences > Editors > Text Editors
2. To view line numbers, check “Show line numbers” checkbox. This is the fourth checkbox from the top.
To set spaces for tabs, check “Insert spaces for tabs”. This is the first checkbox. From the top, of course. The default number of spaces is 4, as indicated on the “Displayed tab width” textfield.
To view print margin, check “Show print margin”. This is the third checkbox from the top. The default print margin is 80 as indicated in the textfield beside the checkbox.
3. Click OK.

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25 things @ 25 revisited

more than 2 years ago, i listed around 25 things to do during my 25th year. or maybe even less. now, i’m 27. in approximately eight months, i will be 28. between the time i listed down those 25 things until now, i have not made changes to that list. a lot of things have happened, sure. but the objective part of me will not make those as excuses. now that i’m 27, all i can do for my “25 list” is to just evaluate them… and start over.

so, first, evaluate. done, partly done or not done?

1. Learn how to swim – Done! :)
2. Create Nihongo speech/article and present it in front of a crowd or at least 1 person – Not Done.
3. Finish what I call my “unfinished business” – Not Done.
– MS Access program
– my personal “experiment” (maybe the idea is obsolete now but I still want to finish it)

4. Get certified – Not Done.
– Study at least 1 hour everyday
5. Be mature and responsible (too vague, will be more specific later) – Not Done.
– Practice GTD
6. Learn a new and fun technology that is not necessarily related to work – Not Done.
7. Write a short story – Not Done.
8. Save ***** on or before my 26th year – Not Done.
9. Organize my own trip and travel on my own – Not Done.
10. Learn at least 10 dishes – Not Done.
12. Vote – Done. :)
13. Decide what I will do for the next 5 years of my life – Done. :)
14. Apply for machine-readable passport – Done. :)
15. Fill up my “coin can” or at least reach 1k pesos before the end of the year – Cannot be determined. My coin can is in my house. My real house. Far away.
16. Organize my blog – Not Done.
17. Root canal to stop feeling random pangs of pain from upper left second molar – Partly Done.
18. Become a registered voter (pre-requisite to #12) – Done. :)
19. Experience having a small business (let’s see how I am as a budding entrepreneur) – Done. :)
20. 500 Kanji’s before reaching my 26th year (start with 1 kanji a day) – Not Done.
21. Establish stable budgeting system that I can stick to – Partly Done.
22. Have my ears pierced – Not Done.

6  done out of 22. that’s 27.28%, up to the hundredth decimal place. wow, not even 1/3?! @_@ so, i guess making a “27 list” is out, huh? i mean, if i can’t do 25, what makes me think i can do 27? so how about 7 instead? major downgrade, huh? let’s just try 7, and then we’ll see from there. however, i will not blog the 7 yet until i have a complete list.  better think and plan carefully this time. and more importantly, better execute!

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hello, blog! and hello, random reader!

after nearly a year of not blogging, i have finally decided to blog again. i have come to realize that not blogging does not necessarily translate to me using the freed-up time to do the things that i must do but do not want to do. ideally, that’s what supposed to happen but that’s not what actually happens. what usually happens is that i still avoid the hated, dreaded or second-guessed task that i should be doing by, say, watching TV instead of doing a prototype. or reading a light novel when i should have been studying Japanese or whatever language i fancy myself studying. so, you see, blogging is not the problem. it’s my knack for finding excuses, finding distractions, and rationalizing them. and until i figure out how to be able to overcome that, i have decided to go back to blogging. you see, of all three–watching TV, reading light novels, and blogging–i think blogging is the lesser evil, so i’m going to blog. at least, when i blog, i get to document what i did, what i read, what i learned, what i tried to cook… basically, my life. who knows, it might prove useful to me in the future. :)

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Things to remember (for a small Java project)

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