Thirteen questions about my 2008

27 Feb

Found these questions from this site and I thought I’d like to answer them.

1. What did I learn in 2008?
– Learned basic Expect programming
– Learned how to cook sauteed Baguio beans, carbonara, and chicken soup with the help of friends :)
– Learned that I can take failure without crying and that I can follow it up with success
– Learned the Japanese word for “cooking oil” (“abura”)

2. What did I accomplish in 2008?
– Passed a major exam :)

3. Which accomplishments am I proudest of?
– Passing the major exam :)
Why? Because passing it took a lot of self-motivation so that I could stop myself from sulking about failure and study for many hours on early mornings on weekdays and almost whole days of weekends. I stopped jogging on weekends to focus on studying. Getting fired up to study the topics that I wasn’t very much interested in also took some time, not to mention energy. I had to repeat to myself that I had to learn it because those topics were part of CS/IT, which I love, so I have to at least study them, if not like them. Also, I had to set aside money for snacks (as added motivation for studying, hehehe :D ).

4. Knowing what I know now, what would I have done differently in the past year?
– Not to commit myself to a major goal half-heartedly and then regret the bad outcome afterwards. Next time, it will either be giving my 100% or not.
– I should have saved more.
– I should have bought a computer for myself earlier!

5. What was my greatest lasting memories of 2008?
– Passing the exam
– Business trip to Japan

6. In what ways did I contribute?
– I studied my a** off for the exam!

7. What were my biggest challenges or obstacles?
– Willing myself to do something that, initially, I did not want to do because 1) I was afraid that I would fail again even if I exerted effort and 2) doing the required work was kinda exhausting.

8. What obstacles did I overcome? And how did you do it?
– See #7. Willpower. Preparation. Overcoming my shyness to ask about something which I didn’t know much about.

9. Who are the most interesting people I met?
– The Japanese people I have had the chance to work with

10. How have they changed my life?
– They made me reflect on my work ethic. Sort of. ^_^;

11. How am I different now than I was at the start of the year?
– I have not detected any major change in myself. Not yet, anyway.

12. What am I most grateful for?
– Health of family members
– Passing the exam
– Some savings

13. What else do I want to reflect on?
– Responsibility to self (reaching full potential) vs. responsibility to family (providing for their needs)
– How do I define “my full potential”? Is my “full potential” tied to getting an MS degree and pursuing research?
– Getting a new computer on credit…because it will be my tool for self-study and personal research if ever I will not be able to get my MS degree in this lifetime
– Passion: is it still in me?
– Will I still continue to study Nihongo?
– Doing what I left off in the previous years: is it still worth it?

Note to self: It seems that most of the entries that I’ve posted lately are about myself. While this is some sort of a personal journal, I should also blog about other stuff like the interesting articles on the Net that I often find but am too lazy to blog about.

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